Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Quiet Night Out in Castellón...

... but not if Xarxa Teatre group are in town.

I'm most used to bumping into Xarxa on one of their Correfoc (fire parade) espectáculos, which are a regular feature of fiesta-time in the towns around their home town (Vila-real). Here are some past meetings...

Last Friday night was what they call a gran formato espectáculo, which I think translates as 'light the blue touchpaper...'

Xarxa (pronounced Char-cha) provide their audiences with a little bit of street-theatre; some mime; and an experience close to warfare - without putting them in (too much) danger. For a free (yes, free) one-hour show, it's outrageously good value.

Two tips if you ever get wind that Xarxa are coming to a town near you: 
First - don't hesitate, go!
Second, don't wear your best coat.



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