Sunday, 17 December 2017

Nit Mágica

I remember my first 'Nit Mágica'. Must be ten years ago, Castellón, part of the Magdalena celebrations. We had friends visiting from the UK.
"Let's go!" I said, "It'll be fun."
"What is it?" our friends asked.
"Ummm, magicians. You know, rabbits out of hats, sawing people in half. It'll be great..."

It wasn't a cold night, but Castellón looked like it'd been invaded by a bunch of ski-bums, ejected from the nearest slopes for loitering with intent. There were bobble-hats, buff-masks, ski goggles, gloves and jackets... the only ski-stuff I didn't see were the skis.

I was volunteered to ask the local police where the 'magicians' were. The two officers looked at me as if I was a lunatic or British, or worse - both. They convinced us to hang around, and we managed to understand that there wouldn't be any magicians.

How wrong they were...

Nit Mágica 2017, wouldn't miss it for the world...

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