Friday, 30 November 2012

'Zen Kyu Maestro' the eBook, the Front Cover.

Just received the first front cover 'concept' from the publishers for the forthcoming eBook, Zen Kyu Maestro: An English Teacher's Spanish Adventure

Feel free to comment as the publishers are keen to hear views before committing to this or trying out another style. The book is completely original material, not a rehash of the blog, in fact I wrote it before I started the blog. It's a year-in-the-life of an expat teacher (my first year here) and describes life inside and outside school. It's possibly a bit more 'light-hearted' than the blog. All opinions welcome...

Book'll be out as soon as we've got the cover sorted.

STOP PRESS! It's now available! Monday Books and/or Amazon. FREE sample chapter (or buy now) available HERE. ¡Disfruta!  

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