Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Things They Say... (Part 4.) What a beautiful skirt.

We've been practising 'paying compliments' this week, while going through the register. 
'What a nice new haircut you've got today, Vicente,'
'Thank you, Meesa Deee.'
'What a beautiful watch you've got there, María.'
'Thank you, Meesa Dee, ees present from my tío.'
'Yes, uncle.'
That kinda stuff.
María-José and a gang of her amigas pelt across the playground towards me this morning. 
'Meesa Deee! Meesa Deee! What beautiful skirt you wearing!' María-José yelps, breathlessly.
I give María-Jose my '100% puzzled' look, (it gets a lot of outings), and check to see that, yes indeed, I am wearing trousers today. 'Skirt?' I enquire.
'Yes, you thees!' she confirms, tugging at my sleeve.
'That's a shirt,' I correct, gently, emphasising the 'shhhhhh' bit. 'Ss-kirt is falda.' (I'm learning a bit of Spanish and happen to know this word.)
María-José's mouth gapes. Her mates squeal delightedly and hop from foot to foot with unbridled glee at María-José's faux pas. I guess, if you're six or seven years-old, telling your male teacher that he's wearing a beautiful skirt must be a seriously outrageous event.
I give María-José a house-point anyway, just for brightening up our day. She's red-faced, but happy with the outcome, and I enter school with a huge smile on my face.
Who says you have to get everything right? 

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