Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ready for battle...

Here's a Spanish tradition I heartily recommend. It's often called the 'Batalla de Flores' (flower battle) and usually starts with a parade of floats through the town centre. The floats are intricately decorated with tissue-paper (masquerading as flowers). They can be extremely complicated and colourful, but that's only half the fun...

When everyone has had enough of parading...

Sacks, huge, great, plastic sacks full of paper confetti appear from the backs of the floats and the town transforms into a multi-coloured snowstorm. Enough confetti for a South-Korean mass wedding is thrown about the place.
The TV will be there again and the municipal roadsweepers will be out in force later in the evening.

It's a truly stunning display of community spirit and littering. Everybody comes out to see it.
Well worth a visit if you hear of one in the offing. And don't be shy. If you're on the streets, you're fair game.
So... THROW!

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  1. Excellent photo of the girl in blue w. confetti.

    Good luck